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A desktop accessory that allows you to see and control your music (Apple Music, Spotify) with customizable shortcuts, advanced support and beautiful themes.

Download from the Mac App Store

Requires macOS 12 (Monterey) or later

Set up and forget

NepTunes will observe currently running apps and start fetching info about currently playing music. You just need to set the hotkeys, log into and choose the theme that you like.

Modern, stable and reliable scrobbler. No duplicates, no missing tracks. Fully supported Apple Music and Spotify. And you can disable it, if you want to use Spotify's built-in scrobbling.
Handy submenu display the most important stats, like the total number of scrobbled tracks.


Change volume, love track, bring current player to front and more…


NepTunes can display the mini widget on your desktop with info about currently playing track and playback controls. You can customize its settings or even choose its design from built-in themes. And with the upcoming release, you'll be able to install 3rd party themes.

It's a 5 star app

A barebones scrobbler that actually works!!

Beyond impressed honestly. The official scrobbler for mac is absolute garbage compared to this app.


scrobbles immediately and records all of them i don't see why you would need anything else. also i really like the little album cover thing

Absolutely brilliant and effortless

I have been using this app since time I can’t even remember. And that’s how good it is. You install it and forget it. It breezes through all the possible scenarios like no connection, connection breaking or any situation where you’d expect manual intervention to get an app working again. It just works. Love it. Thank you Adam for this wonderful app.

A gem for music lovers

If you’re addicted to scrobbling, Neptunes should be your app of choice. Small footprint, not overloaded with featues, stays true to Apple idea - it just works.

Wish i knew about this app years ago!

Adam, THANK YOU for a brilliant app that just works on my iMac with Apple Music and Spotify - i wish would advertise your wonderful app. THANK YOU!

It works!

It was easy to set up. It scrobbles just fine, it's lightweight, and have not had any issues. Can't really ask for anything more!


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Download from the Mac App Store

Requires macOS 12 (Monterey) or later